Electron microscopes are usually associated with high vacuum conditions and special specimen preparation procedures.  Our scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) offer new possibilities to view samples in any environment including liquids. 

The Centre incorporates the UK’s first ultra high resolution 3D Environmental SEM (3D ESEM), allowing 3D imaging of soft matter, such as cell tissue, with nanoscale resolution.  Incorporated within this microscope is the UK’s first WetSTEM detector, allowing thin sections to be viewed in transmission while maintaining the sample in a hydrated state. 

For the first time in the UK we incorporate an SPM inside the SEM chamber, combining all of the imaging and manipulation capabilities together with the 3D ESEM. As well as the most sophisticated scanning electron microscope currently available we also have the simplest; the UK's first ultra-small, ultra-fast "desk-top" SEM. This revolutionary concept allows almost any sample to be viewed at up to 20,000´ magnification in less than 30 second and is as easy to use as a digital camera.